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Hope Gallery Featured: The art has taken flight

We love to share the many talents of those within our Hope community. So much so, that we thought it would be fun to begin featuring some of the artwork from our Hope gallery that you walk by when worshiping with us throughout the week!

Eagle 1If you’ve been worshiping at Hope the past few weeks, you have probably noticed a pretty cool interactive art display outside the Jordan Creek Family Prayer Room. We encourage you to stop by and take a closer look! Read below to find out a little more about what went into the display from Diane Ladd, our gallery coordinator.

What is the purpose of the display?
We wanted to provide an interactive element to The Story, encouraging people to get involved beyond just reading or listening, but to actually write their thoughts from what they have learned, what has moved them, their favorite parts, or prayers that have surfaced from it. There are provided note cards and pens at the display for people to write their reflections and clip it on the frames hanging on the walls.

Eagle3Explain a little more about the display’s meaning and symbolism?
The eagle image and the wings floating above those who view it are a representation of the “Upper Story,” while the written reflections represent the “Lower Story.” The symbolism is to show trust in the Lord, and that the eagle will take those lower stories and fly upward to the heavens with them where God is with the Upper Story. 

What Bible verse helped inspire the display?
But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

Eagle2Who is the featured artist?
Abigail Livingood designed the eagle wings that hang from the ceiling. She specializes in 3-dimensional mixed media.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Creative Arts Express Your Faith ministry or would like to find out how to share your artwork for display, please email Diane or visit our website.

Pastor Mike’s Weekly E-news Message

Good morning, Hope folks!

Here’s some Hope news you can use for all sorts of good …

Weekend Worship Preview

I can’t wait to help you dig even deeper into the Gospels (The Story, Chapter 24), as we consider together the uniqueness of Jesus Christ as the One who brought the full power of God’s kingdom into these biblical stories. Pastor Jeremy (Sunday at 5:00 pm) and I (Saturday at 5:00 & 6:30 pm, Sunday at 7:45, 8:15, 9:15, & 11:00 am) will preach, and Hope’s super-talented human subwoofer, also knows as the Praise Choir, will sing Sunday morning in the Worship Center.

Holy Week at Hope

Easter comes early this year – March 31. With that in mind, please click here for a complete lineup of Hope’s Holy Week Services. We’re offering lots of great options for you, including kid-friendly services & egg hunt on Easter Eve, two early Easter Sunday “sunrise” services, and two Easter afternoon services – all for the sake of making room for you to invite your friends, relatives, co-workers and neighbors to join the party … and, there’s no party like a Jesus party!

Lenten Outreach Project Update

Your outpouring of love and financial support this past weekend for Nets of Hope really surprised me, in a good way. You doubled the giving total in two days. So, about halfway through Lent, we’ve now given over $140,000 to help bring an end to malaria in Africa – that’s 14,000 treated bed nets that will be delivered, with training, to help keep deadly mosquitos away from 14,000 children – way to go, church! The Nets of Hope special offering continues through Lent.


Mike Housholder

Pastor. Preacher. Easter egg hunter.


P.S. Who will experience God’s love through you today?

P.P.S. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead 1 hour on Sunday morning!

Pastor Mike’s Weekly E-news Message

Good morning, Hope-sters!

Here’s a happy reminder as we shovel our way out of yet another winter snowstorm: The 40-day season of Lent – a time for spiritual growth and renewal leading to the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection – literally means spring or lengthening of days. Woo-hoo! Let’s hear it for Lent!

Before we celebrate Easter at Hope, all the snow will melt (hopefully). Signs of new life will appear. Brighter days will push back the night.

This time around, as we make our annual Lenten journey, I encourage you to take more time than usual to bask in the warm light of God’s love. Practice the traditional Lenten discipline of quitting a harmful habit, and starting a helpful one. Pray. Serve. Love. Give. Worship. Study & read from The Story (a $20 book available for $8 in our bookstore). Become more biblically fluent. Do it all for the sake of growing closer to God, not religious resume building.

As most of you know, we moved from the Old to New Testament in our weekly Bible readings this week – The Story, Chapter 22. If you fell behind, or you’re new to Hope, this is a perfect time to get on board. Join us and come worship this weekend. I’ll preach at all services on the opening chapters of the New Testament, and you’ll hear some very cool Hope stories, too.

The snow won’t last. God will – and he calls you to get to know him better this Lent.

Mike Housholder
Pastor. Preacher. Harlem Shuffler.

P.S.- In just one week, you’ve already given enough money to Nets of Hope to send 3,414 nets (along with necessary education and treatment) through our ELCA mission partners in Africa, to help bring an end to malaria … thank you! Remember, for just $10 throughout the season of Lent (spring time, more light, renewal), you can save a life by contributing to this special offering. 100% of your donation will be used to fight malaria. 0% will stay at Hope or ELCA offices.

Pastor’s Corner: The Power of 40

What is Lent? What’s the point?

Cross on HillLent is this season we are in as we journey towards Easter. It is a period of 40 days (take out the Sundays) where we focus on getting ready for the miracle of Easter.

40 days…

Why 40? What is the significance of the 40 days?

Throughout our journey of The Story together as a church, we have seen this number surface multiple times:

  • Noah and his family were on an arc while it rained for 40 days and the flood waters covered the Earth (Genesis 7:12)…
  • Moses spent 40 days up on a mountain with God before receiving the 10 Commandments (Exodus 24:18)…
  • The Israelites wandered for 40 years before reaching the Promised Land (Numbers 14:33-34)…
  • Elijah journeyed for 40 days before receiving a vision from God (1 Kings 19:8-9)…

We will read of Jesus being in the desert for 40 days (Matthew 4:1-11) and the 40 days Jesus spends with the disciples before his ascension and his promise of the coming of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:3).


Seems to be a period of time where people waited and prepared for God to move in an incredible and mighty way. Or maybe God was preparing them?

This Lent, throughout these 40 days, take note of all of the ways God has moved – and will move – in your life. He has and he will. It is His promise… to all of us!

Sometimes waiting can be hard. We don’t want to endure the ’40′, whatever that has been for you. But we take heart because we know that He is coming…

We know He has already come, and is with us on our journey.

May this Lent, this season, be a wonderful season for you. May you experience the power and the love of God. May you share that love with the world around you.

A world where so many people are waiting for hope, for life, for meaning, for purpose… For their Savior, for Jesus Christ.

Thank you for being messengers of that love, Hope. You are an incredible church!

Enjoy the journey,

Pastor Jeremy