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Hope Story: Becky Zemlicka

I have always been physically active – not an “athlete” by any means, but active.


Then, in my early 30s, I noticed my knees were getting sore. Walking and climbing stairs became painful.

In 2009, a surgeon discovered I had a torn meniscus in my right knee. I had surgery and my knee was back to about 90%.

In May 2013, an MRI showed a torn meniscus in my left knee. A second surgery was scheduled for July 31, 2013.

At Hope I have been involved in the prayer ministry for more than 10 years. This past July, I was asked to fill in for Pastor Richard and teach the healing prayer lesson in his School For Listening Prayer.


During the class, the participants were asked to practice healing prayer. Two students prayed for healing for my knee. Nothing happened. No goose bumps. No miraculous recovery. I remember thinking, ‘well, that was nice of them,’ and resigned that I was meant to be healed by the surgeon.

Monday morning, as I dressed for my morning workout, I noticed my knee felt better and the swelling was down. It wasn’t until my personal trainer suggested I try leg presses that I recalled the healing prayer I had received days earlier.

Knowing my knee wouldn’t bend far enough to do a leg press, and even if it did I would be in pain, I started to say, “No!” But a voice inside me said, “Just try it.”

So, I did.


My knee slid right in to place with no pain, bending farther than it had in over a year. I pressed my body weight a total of 45 times. I was amazed, stunned… and excited!

The following week was filled with new ways to try out my “new” knee. Running up and down stairs, lunges at the gym, biking with my family, and walking several miles during a family vacation – all without any pain or swelling.

My right knee had improved and my left knee had gradually healed, so I cancelled the surgery for my left knee.

My healing has been nothing short of a life-changing gift from God.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said in the last few months, “Do you realize I couldn’t have done this if I hadn’t been healed?”


Many people have asked if I can get an MRI to show my knee is healed.

Unfortunately, no. But I don’t need one.

God healed me and my “new” knees speak of his power and glory with every step!



The next School for Listening Prayer class begins in West Des Moines on Monday, March 24 – click here to register or learn more!


Pastor Mike’s Weekly E-news Message

Greetings, Hope Folks!

What a powerful move of the Holy Spirit we were blessed to experience last weekend at worship.

In case you missed it, we took some extra time at the end of each sermon to stand together in prayer as a church family, asking God to bless Pastor Nicole and Pastor Grant with healing and peace … and, to fill all of us with his Spirit, according to our need.

God’s timing was perfect. Lots of hurts were released and given to God, and I’ve heard from several Hope folks who shared their stories of healing from that time of prayer.

God is good.

Please continue to pray for the Woodley’s, asking God to heal Pastor Nicole’s cancer, and for all in our church family who are in need. Hope has always been a praying church, and yet I feel like the season has arrived for us to turn to God in prayer even more, and to lift up our hearts to him in joy, thanksgiving, confession and need.

Keep in mind (and spread the word), in addition to our weekly Healing Prayer service (Thursdays from 6:30-8:30 pm in The Well, come and go as you please), we also have trained prayer partners available to minister to you after each weekend service. Just come forward toward the front, or if you’d like a little more privacy, stop by the Prayer Room with the big windows under the “right field” grandstand in the Worship Center.

Mike Housholder
Pastor. Preacher. Prayer Guy.

P.S.- This weekend at Hope, you’ll hear an outstanding message by Pastor Scott or Pastor Grant from The Story (Acts 13:42-29) and the mission of the Apostle Paul. As always, bring a Bible and a few friends who are looking to find God’s mission for them.