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Pastor Mike’s Weekly E-news

Hi, Hopesters!

You are an amazing church!

This past weekend, we burned the mortgage on our church building 21+ years early, saving millions on interest over the course of the loan and investing that money in outreach ministries that save lives and build up the Kingdom of God! That’s incredible!

Paid in full

Way to go, HOPE – you just took a huge step forward – and I really can’t wait to see how fast, and how far, you can run now that our building debt is “PAID IN FULL!” 

As I’ve shared in sermons over the past few months, two things need to happen for us to reach our goal to become a 50/50 church (half of total offerings to support outreach ministries) … first, we need to erase the building debt (done!) and, second, we need to see total giving return to the levels we saw during the previous building campaigns (we’re on our way!).

General fund offerings at Hope have continued to rise slightly over the past few years, but what we gave to the building fund over the same time period has all but disappeared, so there’s a gap between total giving now compared to total giving (general + building) a few years ago. As soon as we erase that gap, we’ll be a 50/50 church!

As always, giving at Hope – via the offering plate at worship or online – is a no-guilt, no-pressure matter of faith between you and God, My hope is that everyone in our church family will discover the joy of “cheerful giving!” (2 Corinthians 9:7)

It’s so good to be the church with you! Together, we are changing the world!


Mike Housholder

P.S.- This weekend at worship, we’ll celebrate Father’s Day and focus on what the Bible says about family! Come join us!

Pastor Mike’s Weekly E-News

Good morning, Hope folks!

It’s good to be back home in Iowa after a wonderful and somewhat wild tour of Italy.

Lutheran Church of Hope is one of the things I miss the most when I travel, and appreciate the most when I get back.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to tune in at from anywhere in the world on Sundays at 11:00 am (CDT), but there’s nothing quite like being in the room, together with you, for worship …

This weekend at Hope, the power of the cross will be our theme (Mark 9), and during the sermon, I’ll be making a big announcement (great news!) that you definitely won’t want to miss!!!

Mike Housholder

P.S.- If you’re new to Hope, here’s our weekly worship schedule

  • Thursday:
    • 7:00 pm: REVIVE for young adults (Chapel)
  • Saturday:
    • 5:00 pm: Come-As-You-Are Service (Worship Center)
  • Sunday:
    • 8:00 am: Morning Express Communion Service (Worship Center)
    • 8:30 am: Traditional Communion Service (Chapel)
    • 9:15 am: Celebration Service (Worship Center)
    • 11:00 am: Celebration Service (Worship Center &
    • 5:00 pm: Celebration Service (Worship Center)
  • Tuesday:
    • 6:30 pm: Page 2 Worship with Communion (The Bridge)

Find the service that works best for you … and make this a summer of spiritual renewal and growth!

Pastor Mike’s Weekly E-News Message

Hey Hope folks!

Unofficially, summer starts this weekend, along with our hope for warmer days, vacations, picnics, golf, fishing, baseball (Go, Cubs, Go!), BBQ and ice-cold lemonade. Or iced tea. Or both, if you’re an Arnold Palmer fan!

Traditionally, for no biblical reason whatsoever, lots of churches cut weekend services and discontinue children’s ministry (Sunday school) from now until September.

I’ve never understood that. Our need to connect with God on a regular basis doesn’t take the summer off.

So, please consider this your friendly reminder that Hope is very much OPEN and ready for another big summer of God-blessed ministries (Go, Hope, Go!): Vacation Bible SchoolTaste of Hope, ministries for women & men, ministries for junior & senior high studentslife groupsPage 2 on Tuesdays, Outreach Night on Thursdays, classes,eventsretreatsmission trips, summer choir … and of course weekend worship and children’s ministry.

It all starts this weekend with worship - it’s Pentecost Sunday (the birthday of the Christian church), so we’ll celebrate that and dig into Mark 7 & Acts 2 (depending on the service you attend, you’ll hear a message by Ben Mason, Mark Brandt or me).

Since it’s also the weekend before Memorial Day, we’ll remember those who died in service to our country with a prayer. And, as the school year closes, we’ll recognize our children’s and student ministry volunteers, along with all of the high school and college graduates in our church family.

We’ve got lots of great reasons to celebrate this weekend, and lots to look forward to over the next few months! See you at Hope!

Mike Housholder
Pastor. Preacher. Pentecost Partier.

Hope is Hiring!

Hope is currently hiring for both part-and-full-time ministry positions at many of our campuses. Please prayerfully consider if any of these positions might be a fit for you!


CORE Coordinator & Adult Discipleship Team Project Manager
Hope West Des Moines
Hope West Des Moines is currently hiring a CORE Coordinator and Adult Discipleship Team Project Manager to oversee the CORE ministry, while also providing project management and logistical support to the Adult Discipleship team. Applicants should have strong organizational skills, as well as the ability to supervise, inspire, and equip both staff and volunteers in a wide variety of tasks. If interested, please email

Registration Assistants
Hope West Des Moines
Part-time, Minimum Wage
We are currently seeking registration assistants to help with programming check-in and registration. Qualified applicants must love customer service, be available to work nights and weekends and have a friendly demeanor. High school students encouraged to apply. If interested, please email resume to

Operations Coordinator
Hope Waukee
Hope Waukee is hiring a part-time (15 hours) Operations Coordinator to recruit, support and schedule volunteers for load-in, set-up, load-out, production and trucking. This includes maintaining a positive and safe environment for volunteers and staff, while also participating in load-in and load-out on weekends. Click here to view complete job description. Please email resume and two references to by Wednesday, May 27.

Nursery Coordinator
Hope Waukee
Hope Waukee is hiring a part-time (15-20 hours) Nursery Coordinator to develop and administer a safe, quality, Christ-centered nursery program for children (ages 6 weeks – 3 years old). This includes recruiting, coordinating and training support nursery volunteers, having a helpful demeanor for parents, staff and volunteers, and other duties as assigned. Click here to view complete job description. Please email resume to by Wednesday, May 27.

KQ Coordinator (Sunday School)
Hope Waukee
Hope Waukee is hiring a part-time (15-20 hours) KQ Coordinator to provide overall ministry leadership for children (age 3 – grade 5) through Kingdom Quest, Hope’s version of Sunday School. This includes curriculum planning, coordination, special events and care of volunteers and students. Click here to view complete job description. Please email resume and two references to by Wednesday, May 27.

Hope West Des Moines
Hope West Des Moines is hiring a full-time (40 hours) admin. Must have knowledge in all Microsoft programs and experience with a database and calendaring. Applicants should be attentive to details and have great people skills, with availability during the week as well as some nights and weekends. If interested, please email resume to by Monday, May 18.

Hope West Des Moines

We are looking for a full-time producer to ensure the worship experience operates at the highest level of excellence. Applicant will provide leadership, direction and execution of weekend worship services, events, conferences. S/he will supervise a staff of part-time technical directors and train, invest in and lead production volunteers. The applicant will work closely with worship leaders, technical directors and pastors while assisting in creative projects, special events and other initiatives as assigned by the production director. Click here for a complete job description. To apply, please send cover letter, resume and salary requirements to

Administrative/Operations Coordinator
Hope Johnston-Grimes
Hope Johnston-Grimes is hiring an Administrative/Operations Coordinator, who will be responsible for all administrative organization and operations management. Click here for a complete job description. If interested, please submit letter and resume to

Web Application Developer
Hope West Des Moines
Full-time or part-time
Note: This is an on-site position located at Hope West Des Moines
Assist in creating, applications, tools and developing new ways to provide information on Hope’s websites. Applicant must have previous experience in web development (including JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, XML and API). In-depth knowledge of up-to-date web development trends, as well as the ability to multi-task and manage multiple projects at once while meeting deadlines is key. This is not a web design position. To apply, please send resume and salary requirements to

Walk-to-Run for Taste of Hope!

Walk to Run Web ButtonGet ready for the Taste of Hope 5K Walk/Run in July with this 12-week Walk-to-Run training schedule! Register here, to get connected with a group of others who are going through the program, too. A great opportunity for anyone looking to get more active or introduce running into their life… all ages and activity levels welcome!

Download the weekly training schedule here



Mothers Day 2015-400x300 FBIn preparation for Mother’s Day this weekend, we invite you to share with us your favorite photo of your mom, along with a line or two about the best thing your mom taught you. We’ll include some of these during this weekend’s services! Simply email us, or you can post on Facebook and use the hashtag #MomsDayatHope.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the women of Hope!

Pastor Mike’s Weekly E-News Message

Good morning!

One of my favorite things about Hope is your willingness to experiment for the sake of mission, rather than getting stuck in ruts. It’s healthy for churches to explore new territory to make room for more people to know God. With that in mind, here are some of our latest experiments at Hope…

Worship this weekend will include a preaching experiment that could be highly effective and a lot of fun (or it might completely flop … and then we’ll know!). Rather than preach solo this Saturday (5:00 pm) or Sunday (8:00, 9:15 & 11:00 am), I’ve invited Jon, campus pastor at Hope Des Moines, to join me for a tag-team sermon duet! Don’t worry. Neither of us plans to sing. But, we will preach on two (thus two preachers) keys to unlock the practical and life-changing relevance of John 2:1-11 for your life! Pastor Merv (Sunday 8:30 am Chapel) and Pastor Jeremy (Sunday 5:00 pm) will preach on the same text, with no plans to call for back-up along the way!

Hope for the Hungry, our Lenten Outreach Project for 2015, starts soon! We’re hoping to fund and package 2 million meals in 40 days – from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday – for starving people in Africa, Haiti and right here in central Iowa. Everyone, regardless of age or income, in our church family can help with packaging and providing food – just $1 pays for the ingredients to package 5 meals. If you do the math, that means you (or your small group or ministry) could feed 1,000 people with a $200 donation. I’m not sure if one church has ever tried to feed 2 million hungry people in 6+ weeks, but I’m glad this church is willing to try!

Tuesday Night Worship – Page 2, a new and profoundly simple service for growing Christians and weekend travelers, begins on Tuesday, March 3 at 6:30 pm in the Chapel. I’ve noticed two significant changes in our community over the past decade: families are gone more on weekends for youth sports or getaways, and church members are hungrier than ever to know God better through the Bible. This new service is designed for both, and inspired by Acts 2:42-47: one song (relaxed campfire vibe), Bible reading (same as prior Sunday), offering, teaching (picking up where we left off on Sunday and going further with the biblical text – I’ll teach half, Pastor Richard will teach half), sacraments (weekly Lord’s Supper and baptisms by request), prayer, followed by post-worship hang-time for friendly conversations over coffee. Simple. Meaningful. Biblical. Warm. Holy. I can’t wait!

Thanks for being a church that loves to try new things to spread the Word!

Mike Housholder

P.S. – Ash Wednesday Services, kicking off the season of Lent at Hope, are just a few days away: February 18 at noon, 5:15 & 7:00 pm.

Pastor Mike’s Weekly E-News Message

Good morning, Hope Folks!

This church continually amazes me …

Even though heavy snowfall and strong winds this past weekend kept most Iowans from venturing outside, still a few thousand people from our church family showed up for worship – amazing! It was a memorable weekend. The smiles were contagious. The singing was robust. The church was warm (temperature and mood). It’s a good reminder that the number of people who attend, or the weather outside, is not nearly as important as the Spirit of joy that meets us here whenever we gather in Jesus’ name!

Those who came brought an enormously generous offering of food for Hope’s annual Souper Bowl to feed the hungry in central Iowa. Close to 25% of our normal amount of attenders donated more than 50% of our normal amount of food – amazing! If you missed out, please keep in mind that you can drop off food offerings at the church 365 days per year – collection carts are in the entryways – and we distribute the food to our neighbors in need bi-weekly.

If you’re new to Hope, maybe you wondered why our church’s name was not (and never will be) on the list of cancelled Sunday services. Please understand – I don’t want you to come to church if it’s unsafe for you. Stay home. Join us for the live webcast of Hope’s Sunday 11:00 am service. Guilt-free. At the same time, just because it’s unsafe for some doesn’t mean it’s unsafe for all … and we trust you to make that decision.

So, even if just two or three people (Matthew 18:20) can walk safely to church – or activate the all-wheel drive option, or cross country ski, or snowmobile – we’ll be open, because worship matters. Every service. Every weekend. Lives change. Love spreads. God’s eternal Kingdom grows.

We’ve got another important weekend of services coming tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday. Pastor Jeremy and I are preaching on Luke 5:1-11. It’s a really good story that has the power to change your life. Hope to see you at Hope! Regardless of the weather, we’ll be open …

Mike Housholder

Pastor Mike’s Weekly E-News Message

Hi, Hopesters!

While there hasn’t been a compelling reason to tune in to the Super Bowl since 2007, or a righteous outcome since 1986, still most Americans – even semi-deflated Bears fans – will watch the “big game” on Sunday.

It’s a “big weekend” for us at Hope, too – the annual all-church Souper Bowl Food Drive - and hungry Iowans need you to get into this game, rather than just watch!

Our goal is simple: to fully stock every food pantry in central Iowa for the rest of the winter! To accomplish this really big goal, we really do need our entire church family to participate! This weekend, when you come to worship, please bring at least a few bags of groceries (the good stuff, on the most needed list). We’ll also collect aspecial offering of money (100% goes directly to the food pantries). Most food pantries in central Iowa are small and prefer food donations. A few local pantries, however, prefer gifts of money since they’re big enough to hire staff to purchase the food themselves.

Either way, food or money, your donations make a big difference! Local food pantries struggle to keep up with demand this time of year. Generous giving levels that accompany the holidays tend to fade significantly as winter rolls on. Food pantries are left with too many empty shelves, leaving too many Iowans with empty stomachs.

We’re a big church. We can change that. And since we can, according to Jesus, we must. (Luke 12:48) Thanks in advance for being the kind of Christians who show up in a big way for big games (rather than just watch)! See you at the Souper Bowl!

Mike Housholder

P.S.- Worship this weekend at Hope should be, well… super! We’ll focus on one of my all-time favorite stories (high drama) in Luke’s Gospel (4:16-22) with a sermon called “The Carpenter’s Kid Goes Public!” I’ll preach at all of the services on Saturday night and Sunday morning, and Pastor Jeremy will do the same on Sunday night. Live music. Free bread and wine, too. Come and see!