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Hey, Hopesters!

There’s a lot of confusion, and no small measure of ignorance, in our culture regarding religion.

Many believe that Christianity has nothing in common with Judaism or Islam. Others suggest (and I hear this one a lot) that all religions are just different paths to the same destination. Some assume that Allah and God are rivals, when in truth they are simply the same name in two different languages.

The list of wrong conclusions based on false religious assumptions goes on and on, and the line of religiously confused people does, too.  And while it can be mildly amusing at first, in the long run, religious ignorance is not bliss, nor is it safe.

We live in a world of religious extremism, persecution and tension. Closer to home, most of us have neighbors, co-workers and classmates who are Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, or something other than Christian. How do we love our neighbors … respectfully, honestly, and as ambassadors of Jesus Christ?

In an effort to bring some clarity to the religious confusion that persists, this weekend at Hope our Starting Fresh with Church sermon series continues with a comparative look at world religions. Turns out there are some surprising similarities, as well as some important (and usually overlooked) distinctions.

Pastor Jeremy and I will preach, depending on the service you attend. He’s fresh off a mission trip to Haiti this past week, and I’m just a few days away from flying to Denmark to speak at a Christian conference for young adults, so both of us are coming at this theme with our minds already pondering the breadth of a multicultural and religiously diverse world.

Feels to me like it’s going to be another great weekend to hangout at Hope … come and see!

Mike Housholder

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