A letter to Hope from Pastor Mike

Dear Lutheran Church of Hope Members & Friends,

Life is good at Hope …

Over the past few months, led by the Holy Spirit, we’ve burned the mortgage on our church building in West Des Moines, opened three beautiful new church buildings in the Des Moines area, started a new Tuesday Night Communion Service for growing Christians called Page 2, celebrated the spontaneous baptisms of over 400 people in one weekend, confirmed over 300 8th-grade PowerLife students, fed over 2 million hungry people during Lent, celebrated five years of Thursday Outreach Nights, sent hundreds of church members to serve on short-term mission trips all over the world, hosted more than 6,000 kids during Vacation Bible School, launched an exciting new weekend children’s ministry called HopeKids, packed a football stadium for an all-church Jesus party … and that’s just the short list of recent highlights. It’s so good to be the church, together with you.

I’ve never been more excited about what God is doing at Hope, or more confident in the overall direction of our church.

All of that makes the recent recurrence of some frustrating health issues in my life untimely, at best. After undergoing a series of medical tests, I’m now scheduled for a “redo” cardiac ablation this Wednesday, Oct. 7. Recovery times vary for this relatively low-risk heart procedure, but I hope to be back in the pulpit again soon.

So, while I’m disappointed, I remain hopeful. God’s got this.

And with the outstanding team of pastors and staff we have at Hope, I know you’ll be fine while I’m away. Please continue to participate fully in worship, study, service, prayer and outreach (Hebrews 10:25). Love God and one another. Follow Jesus. Fill up on the Holy Spirit. Be the church.

One more thing … Sally and I really would appreciate your prayers for a safe and effective procedure, followed by a quick recovery. Your prayers are powerful, and God is good!

In Christ’s Love,

Mike Housholder

P.S. Sally will post an update after my procedure on Wednesday, and our Communications Team will share it on the Hope Facebook page.

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