Pastor Mike’s Weekly E-news

Hi, Hopesters!

You are an amazing church!

This past weekend, we burned the mortgage on our church building 21+ years early, saving millions on interest over the course of the loan and investing that money in outreach ministries that save lives and build up the Kingdom of God! That’s incredible!

Paid in full

Way to go, HOPE – you just took a huge step forward – and I really can’t wait to see how fast, and how far, you can run now that our building debt is “PAID IN FULL!” 

As I’ve shared in sermons over the past few months, two things need to happen for us to reach our goal to become a 50/50 church (half of total offerings to support outreach ministries) … first, we need to erase the building debt (done!) and, second, we need to see total giving return to the levels we saw during the previous building campaigns (we’re on our way!).

General fund offerings at Hope have continued to rise slightly over the past few years, but what we gave to the building fund over the same time period has all but disappeared, so there’s a gap between total giving now compared to total giving (general + building) a few years ago. As soon as we erase that gap, we’ll be a 50/50 church!

As always, giving at Hope – via the offering plate at worship or online – is a no-guilt, no-pressure matter of faith between you and God, My hope is that everyone in our church family will discover the joy of “cheerful giving!” (2 Corinthians 9:7)

It’s so good to be the church with you! Together, we are changing the world!


Mike Housholder

P.S.- This weekend at worship, we’ll celebrate Father’s Day and focus on what the Bible says about family! Come join us!

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