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Weekly E-news Message

Happy Friday, Hope!

This weekend we are wrapping up our series Radical Christianity, where we’ve had the amazing opportunity to look at the things that ground us as a church. Throughout this series, we have explored Hope’s Core Values:

  • Jesus is life
  • Lost people matter
  • We worship God not tradition
  • Christianity is a growing experience

This week, we finish up the final one: We are One.

We are called to be One. Sometimes, I think we have the tendency to want to do things on our own.  But, we all know, we are so much better together!

Just think, together this year we:

  • Worked together during our 2014 Lenten Project to build 260 churches in Ghana, Africa.
  • Donated 150,000+ lbs of food during our annual Souper Bowl Food Drive.
  • Had enough volunteers to shepherd over 6,500 kids during Vacation Bible School.
  • Spread the Gospel to countless number of people with our hands and feet during 16 short-term mission trips.

Along with countless other ways you show up to be the church!

As you can see, we are better together.

Come and celebrate that this weekend at worship. Mark Brandt and I (Sunday at 7:45 am and 5:00 pm) will lead you through a look at the beauty of the Gospel that reminds us that We are One.

See you at worship!

Pastor Jeremy

PS: A friendly reminder that registration for fall classes begins this weekend, including children’s and student ministry year-round programming!