Pastor Mike’s Weekly E-news

Good morning, Hope folks!

Sometimes, it’s easy to take for granted the amazing God-sized things that happen here at Hope …

+ This weekend, somewhere around 10,000 worshipers – in the middle of the summer – will attend one of eighteen regular services at Hope’s five campuses – seven of them here in West Des Moines. That’s amazing! We’re starting a new 6-week sermon sermons series called “There’s an App for That: Bringing Faith to Daily Life” … it’s going to be good and refreshing to (re-)discover and (re-)apply the modern-day relevance of Christianity to our everyday lives. Come and see!

+ Our Hope Johnston-Grimes campus has identified a wonderful location for the construction of a new church building just off of Highway 141. All of the details will be shared and voted upon at a Special Congregational Meeting this Sunday following the 11:00 am service at Summit Middle School in Johnston (temporary location for Hope J-G). Praise God!

+ We’re just three short days away from the opening of Hope’s 2016 Vacation Bible School – One Goal. One God! I couldn’t be more excited to join nearly 2,000 volunteers who will welcome 7,000+ children into God’s house at all of our campuses, and it all starts this Monday, July 11, at 9:00 am. I’ve never heard of anything quite like it! You can still register for VBS by clicking this link. It’s a can’t-miss full-blown revival for kids!

+ Two weeks from tomorrow, it will be time for Taste of Hope - our annual mid-summer open house where we invite friends and neighbors to come and get a “taste” of the good things God is doing at Hope! We’ll celebrate and have some fun together with a BBQ cook-off, 4-person golf scramble, 5k fun run/walk, fishing derby, talent show, inflatable rides, games, make-and-take art, free food and two services in the Worship Center! There’s no party like a Jesus party!

+ Looking ahead a month or so, our 2nd Annual Back to School Bash will take place at Centennial Park in Waukee on Sunday, Aug. 21. It starts with a 10:00 am all-church outdoor service in the wide open section of this massive park (bring lawn chairs or blankets) followed by an old-fashioned church picnic and yard games at the park. It’s the one chance we have every year to get the whole Hope family together. Last year was fun, relaxing and renewing all at the same time … so we decided to do it again this summer! Mark your calendars!

Of course, that’s just for starters. It’s not just the big events … it’s also the small-sized one-on-one transformational moments. We’re blessed to see what we get to see on a regular basis here at Hope (Luke 10:23) – thank God for it today, and pat yourselves on the back for being the kind of church that makes room for the Holy Spirit to move so freely and powerfully!


Mike Housholder

Pastor Mike’s Weekly E-news

Hi, Hope Folks!

I’m writing this letter from an airplane seat somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, on my way to Copenhagen, where I’m taking part in the Konnekt Conference for young adults in Aarhus, Denmark.

By the time you read this on Friday, I’ll most likely be done with my first of three messages on the Holy Spirit. Please pray that God would move in a powerful way, stirring and strengthening the faith of all in attendance.

Back home in Iowa, I know you’re going to be blessed by the messages you hear from either Pastor Andy or Pastor Dave this weekend – we have such a strong team of preachers at Hope! On Saturday at 5:00 pm, Sunday at 8:00, 8:30, 9:15 & 11:00 am, 5:00 pm & Tuesday at 6:30 pm, they’ll be preaching on Galatians 5:13-16, continuing our “Starting Fresh with Church” series.

Plus, it’s just always good for us (spiritually, relationally and even physically) to gather together as a church to sing, pray, share, connect, laugh, hug, smile and celebrate God’s love!

Mange tak for reading, and farvel for now!


Mike Housholder

Registration is OPEN for Vacation Bible School 2016!

Vacation Bible School: One Goal. One God. is a time both kids and volunteers won’t want to miss! Through large group worship, music, skits, crafts, outdoor activities and lessons, we will explore five awesome stories from the Bible for children to learn and experience in memorable ways!

Session 1: July 11-15, 9:00 am – noon (age 4 – grade 6)

Session 2: July 18-22, 9:00 am – noon (age 4 – grade 6)

Session 3: July 18-22, 6:00-8:00 pm (age 3 – grade 6)

Registration Cost:
Early Bird: $15 per child ($35 max per household)
After June 15: $20 per child ($40 max per household)

***NEW this year: T-shirts are now included with registration! If registering after June 15, sizes will not be guaranteed.

We hope to see YOU and your family there!

You can sign up to volunteer here!


Weekly E-news Message

Hey, Hopesters!

There’s a lot of confusion, and no small measure of ignorance, in our culture regarding religion.

Many believe that Christianity has nothing in common with Judaism or Islam. Others suggest (and I hear this one a lot) that all religions are just different paths to the same destination. Some assume that Allah and God are rivals, when in truth they are simply the same name in two different languages.

The list of wrong conclusions based on false religious assumptions goes on and on, and the line of religiously confused people does, too.  And while it can be mildly amusing at first, in the long run, religious ignorance is not bliss, nor is it safe.

We live in a world of religious extremism, persecution and tension. Closer to home, most of us have neighbors, co-workers and classmates who are Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, or something other than Christian. How do we love our neighbors … respectfully, honestly, and as ambassadors of Jesus Christ?

In an effort to bring some clarity to the religious confusion that persists, this weekend at Hope our Starting Fresh with Church sermon series continues with a comparative look at world religions. Turns out there are some surprising similarities, as well as some important (and usually overlooked) distinctions.

Pastor Jeremy and I will preach, depending on the service you attend. He’s fresh off a mission trip to Haiti this past week, and I’m just a few days away from flying to Denmark to speak at a Christian conference for young adults, so both of us are coming at this theme with our minds already pondering the breadth of a multicultural and religiously diverse world.

Feels to me like it’s going to be another great weekend to hangout at Hope … come and see!

Mike Housholder

P.S.- Lots of great ministry events are going on right now, or coming soon, and you can read all about it in this weekly e-newsletter – places for you to plug in, activate your faith and get connected to the body of Christ! God has a good place for you at Hope … find it!

An Easter Message from Pastor Mike

Dear Hope Family,

Why go to all the trouble of preparing eight Easter Celebration Services in the Worship Center over the next two days - Saturday at 1:00, 3:00, 5:00 & 7:00 pm and Sunday at 7:00, 9:00 & 11:00 am and 5:00 pm?

Why add another Traditional Sunrise Service in the Chapel on Sunday at 7:05 am (the exact minute of sunrise) complete with classic organ-led Easter hymns and liturgy?

Why expand that long list of Easter services with sixteen more at Hope’s satellite campuses in Waukee,Johnston-GrimesDes Moines and Ankeny?

Why push it further with six more services just prior to Easter weekend, including three (today) on Good Fridaynoon, 5:30 & 7:00 pm?

Why start working months in advance to find new Easter music, create original videos, choreography and messages, and then go the extra mile with an imaginative menu of fresh Easter skits, sets, lighting, testimonies and take-home gifts?

Why bother with a big Easter egg hunt and kids’ activities one hour before each of our family-friendly Easter Celebration Services on Saturday: 1:00, 3:00, 5:00 & 7:00 pm?

Why send out a call for hundreds to serve as Easter volunteers (sign-up here) to help make Easter go, and warmly welcome thousands of visitors to Hope?

On that note, why invite all of our friends, neighbors, co-workers and visiting relatives? Why pull out all the stops by setting up remote parking lots with friendly shuttle bus drivers who offer door-to-door free rides before-and-after worship? Why encourage members with a heart for outreach to make room for visitors in the Worship Center by choosing to sit in the overflow seats at our most popular Easter services - Sunday at 9:00 & 11:00 am - or attend one of our other seven (less full) services? Shouldn’t members get the best seats and parking spots at the big services? What kind of church would go to all this trouble for Easter? Well … a church on a mission from God!

It’s ALL for Jesus!

His love. His sacrifice. His victory. He’s more than worth it … worth all of our efforts, troubles, time, talent and inconvenience. We do it all to make Jesus famous, to share his love and to make his eternal Kingdom more crowded. The resurrection is real. Come and see. And bring your friends, because …

This. Changes. EVERYTHING!


Mike Housholder

A letter to Hope from Pastor Mike

Dear Lutheran Church of Hope Members & Friends,

Life is good at Hope …

Over the past few months, led by the Holy Spirit, we’ve burned the mortgage on our church building in West Des Moines, opened three beautiful new church buildings in the Des Moines area, started a new Tuesday Night Communion Service for growing Christians called Page 2, celebrated the spontaneous baptisms of over 400 people in one weekend, confirmed over 300 8th-grade PowerLife students, fed over 2 million hungry people during Lent, celebrated five years of Thursday Outreach Nights, sent hundreds of church members to serve on short-term mission trips all over the world, hosted more than 6,000 kids during Vacation Bible School, launched an exciting new weekend children’s ministry called HopeKids, packed a football stadium for an all-church Jesus party … and that’s just the short list of recent highlights. It’s so good to be the church, together with you.

I’ve never been more excited about what God is doing at Hope, or more confident in the overall direction of our church.

All of that makes the recent recurrence of some frustrating health issues in my life untimely, at best. After undergoing a series of medical tests, I’m now scheduled for a “redo” cardiac ablation this Wednesday, Oct. 7. Recovery times vary for this relatively low-risk heart procedure, but I hope to be back in the pulpit again soon.

So, while I’m disappointed, I remain hopeful. God’s got this.

And with the outstanding team of pastors and staff we have at Hope, I know you’ll be fine while I’m away. Please continue to participate fully in worship, study, service, prayer and outreach (Hebrews 10:25). Love God and one another. Follow Jesus. Fill up on the Holy Spirit. Be the church.

One more thing … Sally and I really would appreciate your prayers for a safe and effective procedure, followed by a quick recovery. Your prayers are powerful, and God is good!

In Christ’s Love,

Mike Housholder

P.S. Sally will post an update after my procedure on Wednesday, and our Communications Team will share it on the Hope Facebook page.

Exciting Announcement from our Senior Leadership Team

Dear Hope Family,

Over the past 20 years, God has continually blessed us as a church family in a number of ways – not just in the number of people he has called to this church, but more importantly, in the stories behind those numbers.

We remain to be a church on a mission – a mission from God to reach out to the world around us and share the everlasting love of Jesus Christ. To be aspiritedgrowing and Christ-centered community filled with hope! With these principles guiding us, it allows us to be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit and to trust in the numerous opportunities God continues to provide us, both across the globe and right here in our backyard.

Most recently, we have seen God show up in big ways through an opportunity to grow with our newest campus, Hope Waukee. Launched just shy of one year ago, we have watched as this community of believers has faithfully gathered to praise God at Shuler Elementary, growing to worship more than 400 people every weekend. The growth we have experienced spurred us to seek temporary office space for the fall, allowing us to not only come together on the weekends, but also to add weekday classes and programming for children, students and adults. We also began dreaming about what a permanent location in this part of the community might look like.

And, this is where God showed up big time.

Last month, we were approached by an existing church within Waukee, Point of Grace, to see if we would have interest in purchasing their building (located off Hickman Road just east of Warrior Lane). Due to various reasons, their senior pastor and church council had made the decision to seek an alternative worship space that would allow them to better serve their members and community, and knew they wanted to find a church to purchase their space to ensure the building was used to expand the Kingdom.

“When we came to the decision to sell our current facility, we contacted several area churches we thought may have interest,” Brett Black, Senior Pastor at Point of Grace, said. “Hope was the church that came back with an offer that we felt was a win-win for both of us, and will allow each church to move forward and share God’s love for many years to come. It’s pretty cool to see the body of Christ come together, impacting our community in a positive way.”

Since being approached by Point of Grace, we have prayed, toured the building, reviewed financial models, consulted with our church council, and discussed what this new opportunity God is providing us with could mean for Hope’s presence to the west. And, we are very excited to announce that as of Oct. 1, 2015, Hope Waukee will be moving into this space as a part of an initial leasing contract, which will let us first seek congregation approval to purchase the building, and (if approved) launch a capital campaign this fall. If the pledges of the campaign are above the set goal, we will plan to close on the sale of the building before the end of the year.

“This is a very unique and exciting opportunity that we have been provided, and we are thankful that Point of Grace thought to come to us after they made the decision to sell their building,” Chris Gunnare, our Executive Minister – Operations, said. “Unlike with previous Hope campuses where we have purchased land to build, we will be inheriting a new, fully constructed church building that will allow us to start doing ministry seven days a week right away, versus the three to four years following our traditional model, while also saving us more than 5 million dollars.”

In Colossians 4, God calls us to “make the most of every opportunity.” We are excited, and feel very blessed, to have been presented with this new opportunity for Hope Waukee, and look forward to seeing what God will continue to do through us as a growing community because of it.

More information will be announced in the coming weeks about our new Hope Waukee location. If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please feel free to email Pastor Pat Quaid, Hope Waukee Campus Pastor.

Thanks for being such an amazing church, and for continuing to trust in God’s plan for us as a family!


The Hope Senior Leadership Team

Pastor Mike’s Weekly E-News

Hi, Hope Folks!

The Vacation Bible School kids, in record numbers, have taken over the Lutheran Church of Hope building in West Des Moines this week! They’re learning Bible stories, worshiping the Lord with everything they’ve got, feeding the hungry in central Iowa, making new friends and bringing the joy of Jesus into God’s house every day!

It’s a beautiful thing, and a glimpse of heaven! I’m so glad that Hope’s VBS Jesus party will start over again next week – Session 2 (9:00 am – noon) or Session 3 (6:00-8:00 pm) will run from this Monday, July 20 to Friday, July 24, and there’s still room to register your kids (age 3 – grade 6).

 ”Anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf welcomes me … Whoever is the least among you is the greatest.” –  Luke 9:48

That verse will serve as our theme for this weekend’s services. I’ll preach on Saturday night (5:00 pm), Sunday morning (8:00, 8:30, 9:15 & 11:00 am) and Tuesday night (6:30 pm), and Pastor Ben will preach on Sunday night (5:00 pm).

It’s a Jesus party, and you’re invited!

Mike Housholder

P.S.- All the kids who attended VBS this past week are invited to participate in one of three weekend services: Saturday 5:00 pm, Sunday 9:15 am or Sunday 11:00 am. They’ll be sharing the beautiful song we used to close each day of VBS, complete with sign language, with the rest of the Hope family … it’s really good, and you’ll want to be in the room to see it!

P.P.S- Kids who will be attending VBS this coming week are invited to attend Summer Kingdom Quest (KQ) for a movie, or worship with their families at any of our weekend services … or both!

Pastor Mike’s Weekly E-News

Hi, Hopesters-

Anticipation dominates the halls of Hope as we make final preparations for Vacation Bible School!It all starts this Monday at 9:00 am, and we’ll be more than ready to go!

For several months, our wise and compassionate Children’s Ministry staff, along with a volunteer team of highly creative song leaders, has been planning and organizing.

Two days ago, I was blown away to see hundreds of VBS volunteers at the first of three training sessions.

Yesterday, we wrapped up a full afternoon of video shoots for the VBS skits that will help bring timeless Bible stories into the hearts of a new generation of believers (I don’t want to give away too much, but our theme is Gettin’ Reel with Jesus and I did get to ride a giant white limo and walk the red carpet today … hey, it’s for the kids!).

Why do so many people around here work so hard to host what just might be the largest VBS in the nation? It really is for the kids, every single one of them who will be welcomed and cared for in small groups from the moment they check in to the moment they are safely checked out at the end of each session – so that each child who shows up can get to know the Bible better.

There’s still time to register for VBS! Thousands of kids will worship God with unchecked enthusiasm. They will learn about the everlasting love of Jesus Christ. And, they will be filled with the Holy Spirit’s love and joy.

It just doesn’t get much better than that. Anywhere.

Come and see!

Mike Housholder
Pastor. Preacher. Movie Star Dude.

P.S.- This weekend at Hope, Pastor Jeremy is preaching a message called “A Mountaintop Experience,” based on Luke 9:28-36 – bring a Bible and a few friends, and enjoy the view from above!

Pastor Mike’s Weekly E-News

Dear Hope Family!

BIG things are happening at HOPE this summer, and I want to make sure you – my faithful weekly email readers – are in the know …

New Summer Sermon Series: “Just What We Need”
July 4 – Sept.13

Our action-packed tour through the Gospel of Mark (“The Jesus Revolution”) concludes this weekend. I’m preaching at our Saturday night and Sunday morning services on “The Intersection of Church & State” (Mark 12:13-17), and Jeremy will do the same on Sunday night. The following weekend (July 4 & 5), we’ll turn the page and open a new sermon series on the Gospel of Lukeas we continue our year-long journey through the Gospels, learning how to apply the extremely practical and relevant teaching of Jesus into our daily lives.

Vacation Bible School: “Gettin’ Reel with Jesus!”
July 13-17 & 20-24

In just a few weeks, it will be time to pull back the curtain on Vacation Bible School at Lutheran Church of Hope! VBS is for kids age 3 – grade 6, and it’s the biggest Jesus party of the summer in Iowa! Register your kids online today, or sign-up to volunteer at one of our three sessions.

Taste of Hope
Saturday, July 25 (golf outing July 24)

Our mid-summer open house celebration caps off two weeks of VBS with free food, inflatable games for kids, make-and-take art, a talent show, black-light dodgeball, a 5k fun run, a BBQ cook-off, a 4-person golf scramble, and our Saturday come-as-you-are 5:00 pm service - there’s something for everyone! Invite your friends to come and get a taste of Hope!

Back to School Bash: All-Church Outdoor Worship & Picnic
Sunday, Aug. 23

It’s official! Mark your calendars! We’re having an all-church Back to School Bash on Sunday, Aug. 23. All five of our campuses will worship together in one place (for the first time in eight years) - a 10:00 am Outdoor Service at Waukee Stadium, followed by an all-church picnic at Centennial Park. More details to come, but want to let you know all about it now so you can save the date!

See you this weekend!

Mike Housholder